Forgiveness is Beautiful

I’ve been told throughout my life that I may be too forgiving at times. Maybe it’s my naivety or just the way my soul works, but I do tend to let myself and others off the hook quite easily. I’m not saying this is always the case. Just like every other human being I have been stepped on by others and ridiculed by my own self. It’s hard to forgive in instances where you don’t know how to resolve an issue, or mend a broken relationship.

I’m sharing this with you today, not to vent or complain about obstacles I have faced with people and myself over the past couple of years, but to show 100% honesty on how I’ve learned to overcome these types of grudges.

I’ve often heard it said that some people don’t deserve to be forgiven, and why should we forgive when one is not truly sorry? Well, this is when a grudge can start to form deep within our souls.

Every human being goes through rough patches. Relationships break, friends stab each other in the back, and humans say and do things that can really makes us question humanity. So how do we turn the other cheek when we are faced with moments that tear us apart inside? How do we accept the wrong doings of another person, and understand that what they are doing is coming from a place of either jealousy, hatred, or pure loneliness? It’s hard. People will betray you and knock you down, but that’s life.

I have taught myself to embrace forgiveness no matter how betrayed and hurt someone has made me feel. I try over and over again to take a deep breath, evaluate the situation, and try to forgive. Someone who has hurt you may not ever be sorry, but in forgiving their actions or words you are freeing yourself of a grudge that could weigh you down and damage a bit of your soul. 

I challenge whoever is reading to try and let go of grudges. Put effort into forgiveness. It is one of the hardest things that you can do, but the benefits are beautiful. Life is short, don’t let grudges hold you back or stop you from rebuilding relationships and moments that were once beautiful. Trust in forgiveness granting you peace of mind.

Start small. Remember a moment that holds you back from your happiness and find forgiveness in it. Forgiveness for that person, yourself, whatever has restricted you from your personal happiness.


Try and open your heart to love and forgiveness. I promise life becomes much more simple and peaceful after you do.



With Love,



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