Kulani Kinis Review!

Summer time is officially here, which means the three “B’s” of summer are in full effect. Beaches, bonfires, and bathing suits! If you’re like me, shopping for a comfortable yet flattering bathing suit can be difficult. This year I have been fortunate enough to have found one of my new favorite bathing suit companies. As today is #Nationalbikiniday, I thought I’d share with you a little about my experience with this company.

Kulani Kinis is a boutique based in Australia and California, that features dozens of different trending styles and patterns for women’s swimwear. From one-pieces, triangle cut bikini tops, and cheeky bottoms Kulani Kinis features suits that flatter any body type.

After shopping through their website, I decided to purchase a bikini set in my all-time favorite color; powder blue!  If you like silky, soft, and high-quality fabric, you will love these swim suits.

My number one rule of fashion is that you should always wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident. If you don’t feel like yourself in a piece you are wearing, why dress that way at all? I love my Kulani Kini because not only is it extremely comfortable, but I feel confident with my body when I wear it!

If the bikini I ordered wasn’t impressive enough, the customer care I received from the company was top-notch. I had received an email from the company a few days after my order telling me that they decided to send a free (yet adorable!) top with my purchase due to a shipping delay. The great customer service this company showed me, makes me as the customer want to purchase from them again. I am very grateful for their service and it most certainly did not go unrecognized.

As for my readers, if you are looking for a new swim suit to amp up your pool game this summer I strongly advise you to check out Kulani Kinis! I’d love to hear your own reviews on what your experiences were with the brand, and which style you chose to purchase!



PS: Happy Belated 4th of July!


Kulani Kinis Website: https://www.kulanikinis.com/

Kulani Kinis Instagram: @kulanikinis


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