Wellness Challenge #5 – Vulnerability is Power

Before I begin this week’s wellness challenge, I want my readers to know that I write these challenges not because they are the qualities I have mastered in any sense, but are the ones I strive to possess. I enjoy sharing my wellness challenges with you because it is a way in which we can all grow together to become better versions of ourselves. We can try to apply these challenges to our lives in search of even the smallest step towards growth. The beautiful part is that we each have different journeys with self-development, yet we all can begin with the same challenge.

So, for our starting point this week I challenge myself and you to find power in being vulnerable.

“Vulnerability is letting go of the need to prove anything to anybody.”

People often misjudge the importance of vulnerability. We live in a society where we seem forced to put on a strong front in fear of being ridiculed by those around us.  We often allow ourselves to hide behind emotional masks to make ourselves and others “comfortable”. Continuously being your 100% vulnerable self can be terrifying. Why? Because it is human nature to judge. We judge others whether we notice we do or not, and for some reason we often tend to be our own biggest critics. Lately I’ve been asking myself why are we like this? Why do we take ourselves so seriously and judge our own self for being the person that we are? For me, it sometimes is fear of embarrassment or ridicule by peers or even family. I’ll admit to plenty of times where I was hesitant to be my true self. I’ve learned that there is no escaping judgment, so why not just ignore it?

I’ll let you in on a little secret that I’ve uncovered throughout my short 19 years. Vulnerability is not weakness, it is power. Instead of hiding behind a confident stature fueled by false ego, we should allow ourselves to be our true, raw self. Real, natural confidence will come when you decide to be who you really are.

Humans were never created to be perfect so why do we try so hard to come off as impenetrable? While growing up in musical theatre, I was pushed to strip down to my most vulnerable form. I had to discover the truth of who I was to grow not only as a performer but as a person. I was pushed outside of my comfort zone and taught to open my mind. I had to let go of all the thoughts in my head that told me that I was embarrassed, or not good enough. This gave me a new perspective. I am now able to see myself in a new light and feel all emotions without fear of judgment.

This week I challenge you to peel back your layers. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Let go of all self-judgment and worries, and embrace vulnerability. When you can find deep connection with yourself, connection with others will come much more naturally. When you are completely exposed, the limit for growth and self-discovery is infinite.

Vulnerability gives us the ability to feel passionately. So, let yourself feel! Feel joy, pain, sorrow, and love. Allow your heart to guide you. I promise the power that comes with being vulnerable will make life much more colorful.

With Love, 



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