Give It To Me Straight.

Hi everyone! Long time no talk! I've recently been on a Colourpop grind and came across this new beauty. I'm so excited to share my thoughts on this palette with you guys and would love to hear what you think! I've recently picked up the new "Give it to me straight" palette from Colourpop and … Continue reading Give It To Me Straight.


De-stressing From Hell Week

Happy almost Christmas everyone! I could not be more excited to be home for the holidays and finished with my first semester of Sophomore year! It was pretty sad how fast the semester had gone, but as I’m currently sit in bed listening to Christmas music with my candles burning, I uh, don’t really mind. … Continue reading De-stressing From Hell Week

The Ultimate Guide to Secret Santa

Oh, the weather outside is frightful… and with Christmas right around the corner, trying to find a last-minute secret Santa gift can be even scarier! As a college gal I try to make the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas break a little less horrendous by squeezing in as many Christmassy distractions I can, one of … Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to Secret Santa


My Current Top 5 Favorite Eye shadow Palettes

We are living in a day and age where the makeup gods have been continuously blessing us with abundances of beautiful eyeshadows and palettes. From smoky, to natural, I have listed a few of my current favs that I believe you should give a try! All-time favorite palette: Natural Eyes by Too Faced This palette … Continue reading My Current Top 5 Favorite Eye shadow Palettes


How to maintain your Sun-kissed Skin

Hi everyone! I am just coming back from my Spring Break trip to Florida and decided to share with you all how I maintain my tan, and keep my skin feeling healthy and smooth! The 4 main steps I take to maintain my tan: Moisturize! Lotion, cocoa butter, baby oil, whatever you can do to keep … Continue reading How to maintain your Sun-kissed Skin