Paint The Town RED

Click to find out what color the IT fashion girl will be wearing this fall.


The Emotional Struggles of Getting Ready, As Told By 6 College Roomates

When it comes to girls, getting ready to go out to a party or club takes some serious prep work. Unlike guys we can’t just throw on a polo button up and call it a day. Art takes time. This year as I moved into an apartment with six of my best college girlfriends, I … Continue reading The Emotional Struggles of Getting Ready, As Told By 6 College Roomates

How to Pack for an Overnight Trip!

I have a confession to make. Ever since I was little I have been the WORST packer ever. Whether I be staying the night at grandma's or going out of the country for a week, I usually tend to overpack. No, not overpack, obscenely overpack.  So you're probably a bit confused to why you would … Continue reading How to Pack for an Overnight Trip!


Kulani Kinis Review!

Summer time is officially here, which means the three “B’s” of summer are in full effect. Beaches, bonfires, and bathing suits! If you’re like me, shopping for a comfortable yet flattering bathing suit can be difficult. This year I have been fortunate enough to have found one of my new favorite bathing suit companies. As … Continue reading Kulani Kinis Review!


70’s Inspired Outfits

Inspiration tends to fall into our laps in the most unexpected times and places. There is potential for creative ideas around every corner, if we allow ourselves to open our eyes to the possibilities. As I was going through my parents old high school yearbooks I saw many similarities with 70s fashion and my current … Continue reading 70’s Inspired Outfits


Top Five Fav(ourite) Aussie Boutiques!

I’ve recently become an avid online shopper for clothing stores and boutiques from across the pond. Thanks to Instagram and its handy search tab, I have discovered some of my new favorite go to stores for summer clothing. From quality playsuits, bodysuits, and lace up pants these Aussie stores are on top of their fashion … Continue reading Top Five Fav(ourite) Aussie Boutiques!


Fashion Tips for the Never-Ending Winter Months!

All girls know the horrible conflict of trying to dress up and look cute in the winter months without catching hypothermia. The struggle is a never-ending nightmare for 6 months out of the year when your college town seems to be located in the Arctic tundra. As much as we may want to throw on … Continue reading Fashion Tips for the Never-Ending Winter Months!